St. Robert Bellarmine Altar and Rosary Society volunteers revitalize church kitchen during Lent


The St. Robert Bellarmine Altar and Rosary Society undertook an extensive kitchen renovation project during Lent 2024.

This ambitious effort saw dedicated volunteers transforming the church’s kitchen and dining spaces into clean, organized and functional areas.

Volunteers went above and beyond, surpassing each day’s set goals, streamlining what initially seemed to be a daunting task.

Efforts began by emptying the kitchen from top to bottom of all its contents.

As the days progressed, every nook and cranny was deep-cleaned, leaving no dust bunny behind.

Volunteers were repeatedly impressed by the craftsmanship of the original parishioners who built the kitchen and were grateful to have the opportunity to continue their legacy.

Volunteers meticulously scrubbed away years of dirt, making the kitchen shine.

No shortcut was taken as volunteers lemon-oil-cleaned cabinets, hand-washed each and every dish, deep-cleaned appliances, repaired and painted the walls, and stripped, waxed, and cleaned the floors.

Leaders of various parish groups came together to make the hard decisions regarding what items would be kept or discarded.

The final steps involved moving furniture, appliances, and all the dishes back into the kitchen.

Transformation completed, the results are truly spectacular.

Throughout the renovation, volunteers exemplified dedication, teamwork.

St. Zita’s words, “A servant is not holy if she is not busy,” were embodied in the group’s efforts.

There was no rancor — only generosity, laughter and appreciation for the sacrifices of past St. Robert Bellarmine parishioners.

This project showcased the power of community and faith, making Lent 2024 a time both of sacrifice and holiness.

A special thank you to every volunteer who worked tirelessly to make this project a success. Your time and talents are greatly appreciated.

Ms. Bone is a member of St. Robert Bellarmine Parish in St. Robert.