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Mark Saucier
SAUCIER: Arc of Easter I sat at one of the tables in the yard after our Easter brunch, watching a dozen kids flitting about, looking for hidden eggs and screaming like a miner discovering gold when they found one. It …
SAUCIER — Merciful Shepherd In his book, Hope for Judas, Jesuit Father Christoph Wrembeck has a picture from a 12th-century church in France. Carved into the block of stone atop one of the towering columns, there are two …
Parishes and schools
40 Days for Life founder visits Columbia sidewalk prayer warriors CLICK HERE to see a gallery of photos from this event. The soaking rain and splashing cars made everything gray, dingy and uncomfortable. It was perfect for a sidewalk gathering outside a …
Christ’s victory over death brings joy to all nations CLICK HERE to read a related article from 2019. Celebrating Easter taps into the universal human longing for joy and resurrection to win out over sadness, fear and death. And whether …
Msgr. Cox speaks of St. Joseph’s role in a most unusual family In some ways, it had to be awkward to be married to the Blessed Mother, who was conceived without sin, and to help her raise Jesus, the Son of God. “Joseph was the only sinner in the …
Midwest March for Life to emphasize the power of unity, April 14

An astounding display of unity and affirmation of human life will be held on the grounds of the State Capitol on Wednesday, April 14. This year’s Midwest March for Life and rally will unite …

Around the Diocese
Dispensation continues, steps toward post-COVID parish life, under two new decrees

Parishes in the Jefferson City diocese are taking steps toward life after COVID-19, but vigilance remains necessary to prevent a new surge of infections. Therefore, the dispensation from in-person …

Whereas guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the U.S. Government advises: 1) the more frequently a surface is touched by multiple people, the more frequently it should be …
Whereas the common good demands that the public health requirements and recommendations of the state are to be observed whenever possible; and   Whereas the Congregation for Divine Worship …
Bishop W. Shawn Mc-Knight of Jefferson City is calling on Catholics to inoculate themselves from the coronavirus, using any vaccine provided by healthcare officials. “In the current …
National & World News
Faith amid the ruins
Pope Francis summarized his “pilgrimage of faith and penitence” to Iraq in a prayer: “If God is the God of life — for so He … Read More
Kansas Catholics recall priest’s wartime ministry, heroism in POW camp
William Hansen kept his silence for over 50 years about being one of the POWs who buried Father Emil Kapaun’s body after the priest … Read More
Bishops call for an end to the federal death penalty
Bishop W. Shawn McKnight joined Archbishop Mitchell T. Rozanski of St. Louis and their fellow U.S. Catholic bishops in calling for a … Read More
Jupiter, Saturn to put on ‘Christmas Star’ show Dec. 21
A once-every-two-decade conjunction involving the solar system’s two gas giants will give earthbound observers a look at a so-called … Read More
Bishops: Getting COVID-19 vaccine is ‘act of charity,’ supports the common good
The “gravity” of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and “the lack of availability of alternative vaccines,” are “sufficiently … Read More
Missouri Catholic Conference
Bishops, state officials release information on safety, ethics of potential COVID-19 vaccines
COVID-19 vaccines being developed by two major pharmaceutical companies do not contain human fetal tissue and are free of aluminum … Read More
Missouri’s Roman Catholic Bishops issue statement on COVID-19 vaccines
Missouri’s Roman Catholic bishops, in their role as officers of the Missouri Catholic Conference, issued the following statement on … Read More
Missouri’s Catholic bishops issue statement on passage of Amendment 2, expanding Medicaid
Missouri’s Roman Catholic bishops, in their role as officers of the Missouri Catholic Conference, issued the following statement on … Read More
Missouri’s Catholic bishops support Amendment 2 for Medicaid expansion in the state
Much has changed since Freeburg native Father Sylvester Bauer helped establish what is now Mercy St. Francis Hospital in Mountain View … Read More
Pro-life setbacks call for prayer, vigilance
Three recent developments that could lead to a resurgence in the number of abortions in Missouri highlight the danger of relying on … Read More