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Mark Saucier
Saucier — Extended family My father died 10 years ago on Oct. 4. We make what we can of a death, and so it seemed fitting that a man who loved the land and animals would take his earthly leave on the feast of St. Francis …
SAUCIER — A Father’s love The Bible, like all great literature, has boundless depth. No matter how familiar we are with a Scriptural passage, there is always some new insight that we can find, and often desperately need. I …
Parishes and schools
Diocesan policy on weddings upholds sacrament’s sacredness CLICK HERE to read a related article.  The people of the Church aren’t merely observers but active participants with God, who unites and upholds husband and wife in the Sacrament of …
5 deacons tapped to intensify marriage ministry CLICK HERE to read the bishop’s Official Decree of Appointments. CLICK HERE for a related article. The two shall become one flesh, and the Church will help them grow in unity and …
J.C. native Fr. Meyer notes 50 years as a La Salette priest The Blessed Mother no longer weeps for her Son, Who suffered and died before her eyes but was raised up and now lives forever. Instead, her tears now flow for so many of her adopted sons and …
Around the Diocese
The Church does not tell us whom we can and can’t vote for. Here’s why.

The book claimed “Your Vote Can Endanger Your Salvation.” The writer meant a vote for a pro-choice Democrat. Like, oh, Joe Biden. An influential Catholic writer tweeted more bluntly that …

The Most Reverend W. Shawn McKnight, Bishop of Jefferson City, makes the following appointments:   Permanent Deacons   Deacon Jon Bequette, to Coordinator for Marriage …
During an historic pandemic, our country faces one of the most contentious presidential election campaigns in recent memory. Some of our fellow Americans may be wondering if they are living in the …
Father Stephen Jones sums up Catholic stewardship in two words. “Follow Me.” That invitation from Jesus echoes throughout salvation history, calling all who encounter Him not just …
National & World News
Pope has history of defending marriage, but being open to some civil unions
Pope Francis often has expressed openness to the idea of laws recognizing civil unions, including for gay couples, to protect their … Read More
“Fratelli Tutti”: Pope signs new encyclical in Assisi
  Bringing the Vatican official in charge of translations with him, Pope Francis signed his new encyclical, “Fratelli Tutti, on … Read More
“Fratelli Tutti”: Belief in God as creator of all has practical consequences, pope says
CLICK HERE to read a related article from Catholic News Service. Professing faith in God as the creator of all human beings, or … Read More
“Fratelli Tutti”: Encyclical highlights need for fraternity to counter war, cardinal says
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“Fratelli Tutti”: Make the world a better place by recognizing each other as kin, pope says
CLICK HERE to read a related article from Catholic News Service. CLICK HERE to read the full text of the pope’s encyclical in … Read More
Missouri Catholic Conference
Missouri’s Catholic bishops issue statement on passage of Amendment 2, expanding Medicaid
Missouri’s Roman Catholic bishops, in their role as officers of the Missouri Catholic Conference, issued the following statement on … Read More
Missouri’s Catholic bishops support Amendment 2 for Medicaid expansion in the state
Much has changed since Freeburg native Father Sylvester Bauer helped establish what is now Mercy St. Francis Hospital in Mountain View … Read More
Pro-life setbacks call for prayer, vigilance
Three recent developments that could lead to a resurgence in the number of abortions in Missouri highlight the danger of relying on … Read More
Missouri's Catholic bishops issue statement on the death of George Floyd and its aftermath
The Roman Catholic bishops of Missouri have issued a statement in response to the death of George Floyd and its aftermath. The … Read More
Governor gives permission for refugee resettlement to continue
Refugee and Immigration Services (RIS) of Catholic Charites of Central and Northern Missouri (CCCNMO), along with the other agencies … Read More