Merry Christmas from the Missions


The following Christmas greetings give an update of ministries that receive support from the Missions of the Diocese of Jefferson City and the annual Diocesan Mission Collection in the summer:

  • This year Peru has received over half a million Venezuelans and many of those who arrive are people in need of medical attention and medicine for chronic illnesses like HIV-AIDS. SI, DA VIDA has become a “Center of Hope” to many, ambassadors of the generosity of others who make our work possible. We pray that the God of life and love, made present in our history in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, also forced to leave His homeland as an infant, may find a home in the hearts of our benefactors and may His presence bring joy, peace and blessings to your homes this Christmas. — Father Cathal Gallagher (Lima, Peru)
  • We just completed the construction of St. Cecilia Chapel and a basketball court at Barangay Unson, a community of sugarcane workers famous as a haven of thieves, robbers, and killers. This community was exploited and neglected by employers, government officials, and Church leaders for decades. Now the people tell me they feel blessed. Indeed when hope is restored, joy in the hearts of people is also restored. I want to thank the friends of the missions who touch people’s lives in other countries by restoring and giving them hope. Only in heaven will you know the impact you have had. May your Christmas be filled with the peace and joy of Christ! — Father Dandi Bermejo (Manapla, Philippines)
  • As we prepare for Christmas with the mothers of the dining halls of San Miguel and the school of San Eusebio, we are reminded that, in each child, Jesus is born anew in our hearts. We thank the Lord for His help through our brothers and sisters. We thank you for your support, which gives joy to our children. May God bless our mission friends in the Diocese of Jefferson City, filling your hearts with peace and hope in the joy of the birth of our Savior! — Father Jose Sanchez (Pisco, Peru)
  • We are truly grateful for the contributions towards launching new missions at Lodam and Sardih village. They are vibrant and flourishing missions. The Holy Season of Advent reminds us of God’s total gift of Himself in the person of Jesus. It was with the purpose of adding fullness of life to all humanity that the Word became flesh. Your generosity adds fullness of life to the poorest of the poor in the Diocese of Jashpur. May the Child Jesus of Bethlehem bless you and your homes with His choicest blessings and grant heavenly peace to each one of you! — Bishop Emmanuel Kerketta (Kunkuri, India)