Catholic communicator gives thanks for the gift of adoption

Also, MRL state director showers gratitude on Hannibal pro-life dinner guests


“I am adopted.”

Jill Alberti has uttered those three simple words, overflowing with awe and gratitude, hundreds of times.

“Those words mean my biological mom chose life!” said Mrs. Alberti, keynote speaker for the Hannibal Chapter of Missouri Right to Life’s (MRL) 2019 Pro-life Dinner.

About 70 people attended the Sept. 27 event.

Mrs. Alberti, a Catholic mother from the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas, worked with Bishop W. Shawn McKnight while he was a pastor there.

She later served as director of parish communications for the Jefferson City diocese, which brought her into contact with the people of Hannibal.

She felt honored to share her story at the MRL event there.

“My parents raised me in an environment where my adoption was celebrated,” she said. “It was a gift. We prayed for my biological parents, who chose to give me life and place me in the arms of two people yearning for children they could not have.”

Her adoptive mother often told her that every child should be wanted as much as an adopted child.

Chosen, loved and affirmed, Mrs. Alberti frequently turns to God in thanksgiving for her adoptive family as well as the courageous woman who gave birth to her.

“My biological mom chose me,” she said. “She chose to open her heart to God and listen for His guidance. She chose to place me in the arms of two people who had a loving relationship and wanted to share their world with me.”

Mrs. Alberti testifies to the gift of her adoption at every opportunity.

“I am adopted,” she repeated several times. “I say this to doctors who ask for my medical history, my kids’ doctors as they fill in maternal background information, friends who inquire about my extended family, and strangers who ask who I inherited my curly hair from.

“It seems like a simple phrase to most,” she said. “However, it means so much more to me.”

It meant a childhood filled with love, laughter and hugs.

It continues to mean a chance to live and thrive and work toward fulfilling God’s plan for her.

“I am grateful every time I have the opportunity to share my story at pro-life events, meetings, and fundraisers,” she said.

Action and vigilance

Missouri Right to Life Executive Director Susan Klein also addressed the gathering.

She thanked the people for their years of hard work to help protect the lives of innocent, pre-born children.

“You have helped women choose life and helped them with their needs as they have struggled through difficult situations,” she said.

“You have helped to educate people in your local communities about pro-life issues,” she continued. “You have worked at fair booths, prayed on sidewalks, and donated your time and energy on many levels for garage sales, banquets, and other pro-life events.”

In addition, she said, through the efforts of many “the state Legislature brought us the most pro-life bill in the United States and in Missouri’s history.”

She noted that court battles are ongoing to defend the portions of HB 126 challenged by the abortion industry and to close the last remaining abortion clinic in Missouri.

All the while, “the good work of our pro-life legislators and pro-life statewide officials is saving babies and protecting women,” she said.

Spreading the word

The Hannibal chapter of MRL is thankful for all who made this event possible.

Both speakers are available to speak at pro-life events.

Susan Klein can be reached at the Missouri Right to Life state office, (573) 635-5110.

Jill Alberti can be contacted at

To become involved at the Hannibal MRL chapter, contact Geri