Belle parishioners visit State Capitol on parish feastday


The feastday of St. Alexander Parish in Belle proved to be a fine day for members of St. Alexander Parish to visit the Missouri State Capitol.

State Rep. Bruce Sassmann (R-District 61) and his wife, Jan, are members of St. Alexander Parish.

Rep. Sassmann’s district takes in all of Osage and Gasconade counties and parts of Miller and Montgomery counties.

Rep. and Mrs. Sassmann are very involved in the parish. They can often be seen serving as extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, lectors, gift-bearers and greeters at Mass.

They recently treated several families of the parish to a special tour of the Capitol.

The families went to the 8:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday, Feb. 26, in Belle and then drove to Jefferson City.

Rep. Sassmann took his parish church family on the regular tour of the Capitol and then provided access to special areas of the building.

The delegation toured his office and then made the climb to the Whispering Gallery and then to the Top of the Capitol.

While in the Whispering Gallery, the group sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The tour ended with an ice cream treat in Rep. Sassmann’s office.

Not only was this day a special day at the State Capitol — it was also St. Alexander Parish’s feastday.

St. Alexander was the 19th Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria.

He was a defender of the faith. During his reign, the heresy of Arianism was sweeping the region.

Arianism was a heresy that denied the Divinity of Christ and seriously threatened the Church.

St. Alexander battled this heresy and convened the Ecumenical Council of Nicea in 325.

The Nicene Creed, still recited by Catholics each Sunday at Mass, was articulated under the guidance of the Holy Spirit during the Council of Nicaea.

The Creed affirms the faith and proclaims what Catholic Christians believe.

St. Alexander is an exemplar of defending the faith and fighting for what is good and true.

Let us pray for our State of Missouri and all the Missouri Legislators as they defend what is good and true.

Ms. Frey is a member of St. Alexander Parish in Belle.