Monthly Diocese of Jefferson City Podcast makes its debut


Like many throughout the Jefferson City diocese, Bishop W. Shawn Mc­Knight’s enthusiasm for hunting and fishing is rooted in familial connections.

“I have a lot of happy memories of doing things like that with my Dad,” he tells Jacob Luecke, diocesan director of communications, in the inaugural Diocese of Jefferson City Podcast, posted this week at

Links to the short, informal conversations on matters pertaining to Catholic spirituality and everyday life will be emailed to parishioners throughout the diocese each month.

People can also subscribe through their favorite podcast-hosting service or link to it anytime from the diocesan website.

“We hope to cover many interesting topics that are happening across our diocese,” Mr. Luecke stated.

In this month’s offering, titled “A Blessing for our Hunters,” Bishop McKnight talks about his family connections to hunting and fishing; the significance of St. Eustatius and St. Hubertus; how experiencing the beauty of nature can deepen one’s relationship with God; and why time spent in nature should draw people to church.

He discusses the Biblical and theological reasons for properly caring for the environment and coopering with God in the act of creation.

He speaks of the significance of the quail in his coat of arms, and recounts being with his Dad in the Cascade Mountains in Washington when the volcano at Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980.

He closes with a prayer and blessing for hunters as Deer Season gets under way.