Prayer for the Opening of Session, Missouri House of Representatives


“God is able to provide you in abundance for every good work.” — II Corinthians 9:8.

Almighty God, our Creator, Whom we seek to serve and to Whom we look for guidance, we bow before the altar of prayer at noon, offering to You the gratitude and the loyalty of our hearts.

We thank You for this new day, fresh from Your hand, with its possibilities for great and good living.

By Your spirit, may we always be honest, kind and forgiving.

May we be mild in our criticism of others, patient with those who criticize us and considerate with those who differ from us.

As we follow the example of the Scriptures that instructed us about doing good for others, may we during this new Session consistently reflect on the power of the Word of God.

Through these historic times, bless our Governor, the Speaker, Members of this House, their families and all who work with them.

May the blessing of Your powerful presence rest upon us this day and every day.

Together lead us in the paths of unity and peace for Your name’s sake, here in the People’s House.

And the House says, “Amen!”