Lt. Gov. Kehoe honors Fulton parish couple for community service



Sue and Lewis Beaty do more volunteer work than many people accomplish with full-time jobs.

The couple’s commitment to Church community has been validated with a 2020 Lieutenant Governor’s Senior Service Award.

Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe visited St. Peter Church in Fulton July 16 to present the award and an official proclamation.

“They are the ‘go-to’ people because of their sheer energy, positive spirit, many contributions and organizational skills,” stated fellow Fulton parishioner Joanne Schrader, who nominated the Beatys for the awards.

The lieutenant governor presents the awards in each state legislative and senatorial district to promote and highlight the manifold contributions Missouri’s senior citizens make their local communities.

Nominees must be at least 60 years of age and volunteer a minimum of 25 hours per year.

Mrs. Schrader said she nominated both Beatys because it would be difficult to nominate one over the other.

“Each one is actively involved in the church, parish school, and community,” she stated.

Both are active St. Peter parishioners.

Mr. Beaty facilitates maintenance to include plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other general repair items.

He serves on the parish’s security committee and is part of the rotation that counts and deposits each week’s offertory collections.

He also helps with Knights of Columbus fundraisers and community assistance activities.

Mrs. Beaty is active in the Fulton Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary and the parish Ladies Society-sponsored projects and activities.

She is the publicity chairperson for the parish Fall Festival and serves on the team that organizes the parish’s annual rummage sale.

She volunteers in the St. Peter School library as a library aide, reading to the children and general organizing of the library, and arranges gardening projects at the parish center.

Both take responsibility for changing the parish marquee sign as needed.

In the community, both Beatys volunteer during tax season via the AARP Tax Aide program located at the Fulton Senior Center. 

Mr. Beaty serves as local coordinator of this program as well as a tax-preparer and reviewer.

Mrs. Beaty serves as an intake specialist, helping to get the clients signed into the program and well as reviewing of their tax documents.

Mr. Beaty also does some minor repairs at the Fulton Senior Center during the tax season.

He repairs the exercise equipment and conducts minor building maintenance at the YMCA.

Mrs. Beaty volunteers at the YMCA with the landscape pruning.

She also volunteers at Fulton Preschool Association with some of the administrative tasks and special assignments as needed.

Mr. Beaty welds for Mobility Worldwide, a non-profit that builds hand-powered three-wheel carts for people with disabilities in developing countries. 

He picks up pre-cut parts in Columbia, welds them at home and returns the completed parts to Columbia.

More photos from the presentation can be found on the St. Peter Catholic Church Fulton, MO Facebook page.