In Columbia, Former U.S. Rep. Mia Love lauds Vitae Foundation’s work to make abortion unthinkable


“Of all the sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: It might have been.”

Former U.S. Rep. Mia Love of Utah let the words of American poet and slavery abolitionist John Greenleaf Whitter sink into her audience’s minds.

“All we are asking is that we no longer settle for ‘what might have been,’” she told 185 guests at the Vitae Foundation’s June 29 pro-life event in Columbia.

Born of immigrants from Haiti, she served from 2015-19 as the first Black Republican woman in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Her parents already had two children when they found out they were pregnant with her while they were settling in the United States.

“It would have been easier for them to have an abortion,” she acknowledged. “In fact, they were told over and over again, there were places that could ‘take care of that quickly and then get back to your life.’”

They had choices: protect and welcome their unborn child into the world, or always wonder what might have been.

They chose life.

“I owe them a great deal of gratitude,” Former Rep. Love stated. “I thank them by fighting here. I honor their choice by helping to save a life.

“You and I honor our parents by being here and supporting life,” she said, “by protecting as many of those children as we can.”

Full potential

She called to mind an image of a young woman standing alone in a crowd that was demonstrating for “reproductive rights” in Washington, D.C.

The lone dissenter held a sign: “I survived Roe v. Wade, but it will not survive me.”

With that same level of conviction, bolstered by being a mother and a survivor of the abortion-on-demand culture in this country, Former Rep. Love ran for Congress in 2015 and won.

“My job in Washington was to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — first and foremost, life,” she said. “Our job as human beings is to use our gifts and talents to help God’s children, all of them, at all stages of development.”

Each carries within himself or herself the capacity for greatness.

“Every child, born and unborn, has the potential to open up our world and take us to places and spaces we can’t even imagine,” said Former Rep. Love.

She spoke of abortion as a human rights issue.

“Inside the womb and out, life has meaning, and that meaning matters,” she stated. “Every child matters, at every stage of development.”

She recalled serving as a member of the House panel that investigated allegations of Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies’ body parts.

Credentialed neither in law nor medicine, she addressed the abortion giant’s agents with the passion of a mother of two teenagers.

“We as mothers share a profound bond with our children, and when that bond dies inside of us, part of us dies, too,” she noted.

“We strip a child of their God-given potential when we as a society accept abortion as ‘health care,’” she said.

Now is the time

Former Rep. Love said promoting access to abortion actually takes away “choice” by convincing women there’s no other way.

“We cannot accept ‘what might have been,’” she asserted. “We won’t know what might have been when we allow organizations like Planned Parenthood to convince a pregnant woman that they have no choice but to abort the life and the potential within them,” she said.

Former Rep. Love lauded the Vitae Foundation for giving pregnant women the information they need to focus not on what might have been but on “what is and what is to come.”

Vitae Foundation is a nondenominational, national media outreach organization created primarily by Catholics in and around Jefferson City 29 years ago.

Vitae uses digital media campaigns to reach women facing unplanned pregnancies.

It leads the world in its research of abortion decision-making, perfects the right messages to reach women, and produces lifesaving results that encourage a culture of life.

“We all have a responsibility to care for those who cannot vote, who cannot speak, care for themselves, those who deserve the chance to live,” Former Rep. Love insisted.

She said there’s no better time than now to help Vitae with its lifesaving mission.

“When you have an opportunity to do something great, to do something that you might be a little afraid of, you never know when you’re going to have the chance to do it again,” she stated.

“Forge ahead”

Vitae Foundation President Debbie Stokes said that despite daunting challenges, the organization has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic well.

“We know God was preparing us for something big,” she stated. “He sent us exceptional staff, built our resources and pushed us far outside our comfort zone — and we have callouses on our knees to prove it!”

She said that Vitae has invested millions of dollars in research but must invest more.

She noted how abortion has become so normalized in the United Kingdom, anyone who speaks on behalf of the unborn is vilified and dismissed.

“That is the America of our future if something isn’t done now,” she said.

She spoke about the growing use of abortion-inducing drugs.

“The challenges before us are tremendous, but so are the opportunities,” Mrs. Stokes stated.

“We have the leaders, the knowledge and the commitment to win this important battle, but we need your prayers, your financial support and your encouragement to forge ahead,” she said.

Elizabeth Parker, Vitae Foundation’s media production and pro-life research manager, who previously served as minority outreach coordinator for Students for Life, told the audience about an in-depth Women’s Health Study the Vitae Foundation plans to undertake this year.

Out of desperation

Stacey Kromer, Vitae’s Senior Marketing Director, noted that Vitae has established a strong and reliable network of Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs) located in major abortion markets across the United States.

Research has indicated that if a woman is desperate and determined to have an abortion, she will do whatever it takes, no matter how deplorable the conditions are.

That feeds into Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers successful marketing of abortion as “health care.”

“Despite the powerful forces of evil we are facing, we are optimistic,” Mrs. Kromer stated. “Vitae’s Pro-Woman Approach to the abortion issue will withstand the attacks of cancel culture and will be the key to preserving the sanctity of human life for generations to come.”

“With your help and prayers, we can change the culture and restore the sanctity of all human life,” she said.