House chaplain leads prayer for forgiveness, new beginnings


Monsignor Robert A. Kurwicki, chaplain of the Missouri House of Representatives, led the members in prayer at the beginning of their deliberations for the 2020 Veto Session on Sept. 16:

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid.” — Isaiah 12:2

Almighty God, and loving Creator, Whom to know is life eternal, Whom to love is life glorified and Whom to serve is life fulfilled — today we come in spirit and in truth and we bow in this beautiful House Chamber offering unto You once again the devotion of our hearts.

We acknowledge that in days past, we have done what we should not have done and we have not done what we should have done.

We now have the opportunity to go forward with Your spirit of humility and compassion for our citizens.

Forgive us, O God when we didn’t pay attention because we were too tired, too lazy or just overwhelmed.

Renew a generous and a good spirit within us — that we may witness a renewed purpose to struggle for social harmony that poverty, violence and misunderstanding may disappear, and that justice, peace and understanding may appear in our state and in our own hearts during this pandemic.

And the House says, “Amen!”