CSA UPDATE — Priestly invitations to put stewardship into action


CLICK HERE to learn more about the Catholic Stewardship Appeal or to make a gift or pledge. 

Every Catholic in the Diocese of Jefferson City has been asked to support the annual Catholic Stewardship Appeal (CSA).

Pastors are encouraging this support as they talk about stewardship, responsibility, and the work of the diocese.

Here’s what a few of those pastors are saying:

Sisters and Brothers … we are better together. Bishop McKnight often says this and I agree wholeheartedly! I wonder if the parish members have any idea how many times a day I (or the members of our staff) call the Chancery in Jefferson City for a myriad of reasons. I simply could not be your pastor if it were not for the tremendous support, resource and service the diocese provides to us. We could not have our parish school without their constant support, guidance and instruction. The list goes on and on.

(Fr. Matthew Flatley — Vienna, Brinktown, Arygle and Koeltztown)

To belong to God, says Paul, is to be “competent, equipped for every good work.” God, who in His infinite wisdom created us for himself and for glory, has a plan. He invites each one of us to take up a unique and special role in that plan. When we answer “yes” to that invitation, we commit to sharing in the ministry of Christ’s saving gospel. Our “yes” response is a commitment to go beyond ourselves; an acknowledgement that in the light of all I have received from God, I cannot simply be a spectator; I can, and I do have something to give.

Stewardship challenges us to recognize that God counts on us for the successful accomplishment of His great plan. In other words, without you, a part of God’s plan simply withers; for there will never be another you. Our unique role in the ongoing work of salvation is not transferable. Christ, Who gave Himself for us, desires that we, in turn, “spend” ourselves for another for the sake of the Kingdom.

(Fr. Joseph Abah — Fulton and Mokane)

In one way or another, our parish is in contact with the diocese at least three times in a week. The Vocation Office continues to seek candidates for Priesthood and religious life as well as support our nine seminarians in four different seminaries. The Youth Office provides training for our youth ministers and organizes the very successful and popular Totus Tuus program we hosted again this summer in our parishes. The Youth Office organizes the trip to the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) in Indianapolis, Indiana at the end of this month. Eight youth from our parishes will travel with 475 youth from our diocese to be with 25,000 Catholic youth from across the USA.

We have used the assistance of the Finance Office frequently, and especially this year, as we are refining our parish accounting procedures. Sr. Sue and Mrs. Albus are often working with the Diocesan School Office. Deacon Mike Long’s ongoing training and retreats are sponsored by the Office for the Diaconate. Our diocese is one of only two dioceses in the country that the Office of the Tribunal does not charge to process an annulment.

(Fr. Gregory Oligschlaeger — Monroe City and Indian Creek)

Even today, we live in a world where our fear of scarcity of resources constantly haunts us. We are afraid to give because we are afraid to run out. If in the land of plenty and such wealth, we still experience this fear, imagine how hard it was for Jesus’ disciples—who lived with the constant fear of starvation, disease and violence with few resources to protect them—to trust in His word.

Jesus says to us, “Do not fear. Just go out and sow the seed. Sure, there will be rocks and droughts and weeds and people trampling the field under foot. But that one seed that makes it, the one seed that dies so that it might have new life, that becomes the great harvest to feed the multitude!”

(Msgr. Marion Makarewicz — Lake Ozark)