Creighton Model practitioner training at Catholic Center in Jefferson City


Phase I of the Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner Education Program will be offered from Sept. 7-14 in the Alphonse J. Schwartze Memorial Catholic Center, 2207 W. Main St. Jefferson City.

The program director will be Phyllis A. White CFCE, a member of Sacred Heart parish in Columbia.

The medical Consultant will be Dr. Mark Stegman OBGYN, CFCMC of St. Louis.

Visit for information or call (816) 550-8789.

The effectiveness rates of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System for avoiding pregnancy are well documented, but the beauty of the system is that it is a useful tool for every season of life.

By giving women the gift of understanding their own reproductive health as it is reflected in their charting, Creighton empowers couples whether they are seeking to avoid or achieve pregnancy, including times when these goals are complicated by medical issues that need healing.

“Real answers”

Daria and Kevin have personally experienced this versatility in using the Creighton Model.

After their marriage, they were able to have two children only 15 months apart, and the necessity of C-sections for delivery caused them to seek a reliable method of Natural Family Planning (NFP) in order to postpone another pregnancy while healing.

However, when they began trying to have another child the couple experienced three miscarriages and sought answers from a NaProTechnology Medical Consultant.

Daria was diagnosed with low progesterone, which is the hormone necessary for maintaining pregnancy.

By following the NaProTechnology protocols for progesterone supplementation, she was able to get her hormone levels back to normal and carry her next baby to term.

She became a FertilityCare Practitioner herself this year in Kansas City, saying her experience with infertility inspired her to begin teaching others the Creighton Model.

“I wanted to be able to share my story with others in hopes that it would help them and inspire them to use the Creighton Model,” she stated.

“Infertility is such a frequent diagnosis we are seeing in our world today, and I want to be able to help women and couples find natural and real answers in their journey,” she said.