Chaplain’s prayer in the Missouri House of Representatives


Monsignor Robert A. Kurwicki, chaplain of the Missouri House of Representatives, led the assembly in praying the following prayer on March 18:

“Do not be afraid, little flock.”

— Luke 12:32

In danger, in difficulty or in doubt, we call upon You, Almighty God, and we trust and pray to You this morning, asking that the COVID-19 pandemic may do no more harm.

We lift up our hearts to You and call upon Your miraculous powers that this coronavirus will be swiftly gotten under control and that You will restore the health of those affected and bring peace to the places where the virus has arrived, including our great Missouri and our beloved Capitol City.

Welcome into Your heavenly kingdom the people who have died from this virus, and comfort their families and friends.

Sustain and protect the healthcare personnel who are fighting it, the government officials who are working on our behalf, the clergy who are praying with us, the newly unemployed who are fearful and the young people who are being inspired to protect and assist their elders.

Lord God, Doctor of our bodies and souls, we feel weak, helpless, afraid and in danger in the face of this international emergency. But we will not fall into despair, because we hope and trust in You.

Give us the gifts of peace and health. Despise not our pleas, but deliver us from every danger.

And the House says, “Amen!”